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Life Lease

Life Lease at Ilarion Residence is a large condo-like suite where you purchase the lease and get all the benefits of living in a seniors complex. Any issues with the complex or appliances are taken care of by the full-time maintenance staff. You never have to worry about a leaking faucet or shoveling the walkways. Underground parking is available for most units.

​Must be 55+ to apply.

Life lease units include:

  • Full kitchen with fridge, stove, and dishwasher

  • In-suite laundry

  • In-suite storage

  • Many suites have underground parking stalls

  • Access to common areas, facilities, and services of Ilarion Residence


How it works

Units are leased at market value, and according to the agreement, the Ukrainian Orthodox Senior Citizens' Society will buy back the unit at appraised value minus redemption and reclamation costs, when the lease is terminated.

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